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2251 Dairy Mart Road, San Diego, CA Agricultural Lease Sealed Bid

Property Type:   Agricultural
Disposal Method:
GSA Control Number: CA-01749-S
Property Address: 2251 Dairy Mart Road,San Diego,CA,92173
Last Updated Date: 3/6/2018
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The Property is located at 2251 Dairy Mart Road, San Diego, CA 92173.  One lease is available for agricultural (agronomic) purposes only, with approximately 128.7 acres of land.  

Lease will be for the term of (5) years with a (5) year bilateral option, but shall not exceed a total of ten (10) years.  The effective date of the lease will commence thirty (30) calendar says after acceptance of the bid. 

This will be a Sealed Bidding for Lease.  The minimum bid for annual rent is $50,000.00.  The Bid Deposit is First & Last Month's Rent of Bid Deposit Amount. 

Please Read our Invitation For Bid (IFB)

SEALED BID OPENING DATE:  April 6, 2018.  

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Chelsey Gross, Realty Specialist
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