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Fruitdale Gravel Yard

Property Type:   Land
Disposal Method: Sale-Sealed Bid Sale
GSA Control Number: SD-0634-AA
Property Address: 44.659866, -103.668628,Fruitdale,SD,57717
Last Updated Date: 8/15/2018
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This Property is located approximately 2.5 miles southeast of the town of Fruitdale, SD (coordinates: 44.659948, -103.668769). The Property contains approximately 24.99 acres of vacant land.  The Property is Landlocked and is not located on a road with public access.

The Fruitdale Gravel Yard is on the north side of the Belle Fourche River and extends approximately three acres north from the river and is approximately eight acres from east to west.  The river runs almost directly from west to east along the southern edge of the parcel. 

The terrain of the site reflects its use as a source of gravel for the construction of the Belle Fourche Dam and Reservoir.  Over the course of almost 100 years since it was used as a gravel pit, the land has become covered with long grass, trees, and bushes.  What were presumably the remains of the excavations are now mostly a number of 20-30 foot tall mounds of land.