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1300 West Brown Road

Property Type:   Commercial
Disposal Method: Sale-Online Auction
GSA Control Number: NM-0612-AA
Property Address: 1300 West Brown Road,Las Cruces,NM,88005
Last Updated Date: 3/14/2018
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The former U.S. Army Reserve Center is located at 1300 W. Brown Road in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  The property contains approximately 5.76 acres of land and is improved with 3 buildings and 1 awning totaling approximately 19,395 gross square feet.  The main administration building is a single-story brick building approximately 13,342 gross square feet, the vehicle maintenance building is a single-story brick building approximately 5,395 gross square feet, the awning adjacent to the vehicle maintenance facility is approximately 558 square foot, and there is an approximately 100 square foot equipment shed.