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Federal Center Station, 59 Acres

Property Type:   Land
Disposal Method: Sale-Online Auction
GSA Control Number: CO-0441-AJ
Property Address: W 4th Avenue,Denver,CO,80228
Last Updated Date: 10/16/2018
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Additional property documents can also be found at

Environmental documents are now available electronically in the CDPHE Records Center database.  Once in the database, a person can search using a portion of GSA's EPA ID Number (search using 670990105).  That will bring up all documents related to the DFC.  They can then sort by Date Created to find the documents they need.  The data room at also houses these same reports. 

The Federal Center Station property is vacant land, other than road improvements and a storm water detention pond.  The property consists of approximately 59 acres and is one of the last remaining large vacant land parcels in the city of Lakewood. 

There is a soil cap which encompasses approximately 15.3 acres located at the northern section of the parcel. Development activities will be regulated by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

The Federal Center Station property is located at Union Boulevard and West 6th Avenue, Lakewood, Jefferson County, Colorado. The parcel is situated in the northwestern corner of the larger Denver Federal Center.  The property fronts the south side of West 6th Avenue, and is east of Union Boulevard.  Office use is primarily along Union Boulevard while St. Anthony’s Hospital resides to the south.  The Denver Federal Center abuts the eastern edge of the property.

Environmental Documentation
Environmental documents will be uploaded as they are digitized and become available.  However, the State of Colorado, CDPHE, maintains an electronic library of official environmental documentation relating to the DFC as a whole and the subject property.  CDPHE offers online access of this library which can be found at Appointments to visit the library in person or for questions regarding searching the library can be arranged by contacting CDPHE directly at phone 303-692-3331 or email