Detailed Property Information

Grand Forks Fuel Storage Plant and Associated Pipeline

Property Type:   Special Use
Disposal Method: Sale-Online Auction
GSA Control Number: ND-0416-AB
Property Address: 4128 27th Ave. North,Grand Forks,ND,58203
Last Updated Date: 8/22/2018
Property Contact:
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Property consisting of approximately 11.25 (+/-) acres improved with a fuel storage facility containing four above ground petroleum storage tanks, three accessorial tanks, several small aboveground and underground storage (AST’s and UST’s), three bottom-loading truck racks, a 20 rail car loading rack (blind flanged and in caretaker status), various additional equipment, and multiple buildings (7+/-) containing support services and 17 easement acres (+/-) associated pipeline. Pipeline will terminate prior to reaching Grand Forks AFB. 

Multiple environmental studies and additional photos can be viewed at "LEARN MORE" and "USEFUL MATERIAL ABOUT THIS PROPERTY"