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Old SCIP Office Building

Property Type:   Commercial
Disposal Method: Sale-Sealed Bid Sale
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Property Address: 255 West Roosevelt Avenue,Coolidge,AZ,85128
Last Updated Date: 1/16/2018
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Please watch the website for more information coming shortly. The property is known as Old Main Office Building and located at 255 West Roosevelt, Coolidge, AZ 85128.  The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) - San Carlos Irrigation Project (SCIP) acquired land through four separate warranty deeds between 1929 and 1987. The land is 42,000 square feet and includes the following APNs: 205-05-127, 205-05-128, 205-05-129, and 205-05-130.

The Property was originally built in 1931, with a west side building addition in the 1940's. The Property is improved with an office building with first floor area of approximately 3,938 s.f., second floor area of approximately 252 s.f., and a basement area of approximately 2,400 s.f., and totaling area of approximatley of 6,590 s.f. 

The main office building is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places, under Criterion A – Historic Events/Trends. The surrounding landscape is not historic.

The property is zoned C-2, General Business Zone, under the jurisdiction of the City of Coolidge. The Zoning Map indicates that site is adjacent to the west side of a clustered properties along Main Street that are designated as within the Historic District, however, the site is not withing that district area.  In addition, the site is within an area designated for housing revitalization, per the Coolidge Downtown Action Agenda 2007. The highest and best use of the property is commercial and/or residential.  

Additional information and the Invitation for Bids (IFB) sales brochure will be posted on a later date. For further information or questions about this property, please contact: Thuy Ta ( 415-522-3603.