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Former Selfridge Housing Area - Sebille Manor

Property Type:   Residential
Disposal Method: Sale-Auction Sale
GSA Control Number: MI-0829-AB
Property Address: Hawk Road & Sugarbush Road,Chesterfield Township,MI,
Last Updated Date: 9/25/2018
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GOVERNMENT TO CONSIDER OFFERS FOR THE SUBJECT SITE. PLEASE CONTACT DANIEL CANVASSER AT 248-350-8141 FOR INFORMATION REGARDING SUBMISSION OF OFFERS. Sebille Manor consists of approximately 102.69 acres of land that contains infrastructure (roads, water/sewer lines, storm drains, and a single telecommunication vault on a concrete pad) and the Sutherland Oemig Drain, a county drain that traverses the northwestern portion of the property in an east/west fashion.  The property was formerly used as a military housing area that consisted of 352 housing units in 220 housing facilities; one building identified as a youth center, a water tower reservoir, and various playgrounds and personal storage sheds.  These facilities were demolished and cleared from the site; it is believed the underground infrastructure remains in place.