ROE Portal Login

ROE Portal Login

Welcome to the Report of Excess (ROE) Portal. The portal assists Federal landholding agencies to compile the necessary information to report real property excess to GSA for disposal.

This portal incorporates the SF-118, associated schedules and checklist to obtain critical information about your excess real property, including existing buildings and the environmental condition of the property. Such information is needed to accelerate the disposal of the property and to comply with various laws and regulations impacting federal property.

Why use the ROE Portal?
  • Data collected will populate the SF-118, associated schedules and checklist. You no longer need to manually complete the standard forms.
  • Supporting reports and information can be uploaded as attachments.
  • You can save, print and route the ROE for agency concurrence and approval.
  • Agency approved ROEs are sent to GSA electronically. No need for hard copy packages.
  • Save time, save money and Go Green!

Who can use the ROE Portal?
  • Landholding agency representatives seeking to dispose of unneeded real estate. (Must have a .mil or .gov or email address.)
  • Agency officials that may need to concur on reports of excess before being sent to GSA.
  • Designated agency officials with authority to report of excess property.

How do I get started?
  • Just create an account and choose the ROE Portal Icon at the landing page.
  • Review the questions to get an in-depth understanding of the information and documents you will need to characterize the excess property.
  • Since you can save your work at any time, begin now and come back as often as necessary to complete a ROE!

Let the ROE Portal help you in meeting your mission objectives and facilitate your interaction with the Office of Real Property Utilization and Disposal!
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