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San Angelo-Tom Green-TX
Federal Screening Notice - Tom Flowers LETC.pdf

Currently being used by local law enforcement 11/22/2017 ryan.bruce@gsa.gov
Subject Property
Quincy Federal Screening Package.pdf

The property consists of a 15,589 square foot U.S. Army Reserve Center, and 3,710 square foot Operations/Maintenance Building, and was used for the purpose of training/administration/maintenance for the U.S. Army Reserves. It sits on 5 acres of land. 11/15/2017 richard.balsano@gsa.gov
Presidents Island Looking East
Fedscrn Upload.pdf

Former Navy cavitation channel testing facility. The majority of the 42 acres is vacant. A small office building remains. 10/24/2017 joseph.crenshaw@gsa.gov